Ok, time to try something different.

We usually find ourselves in conversation with our community about feats in the outdoors or high in the hills, but when pro team member Lucy Bartholomew told us we could give mum something more than just socks for Mother’s Day we jumped at the idea! 

Although it comes without question that socks always become the staple gift, don’t you think it’s nice to add a little something special?… especially if it comes in the form of our favourite dish of all time.

Now, the term ‘cooking’ comes very loosely to us. It's a means to fend off hangry rants more so than a tasty platter, and when put into practice, we find ourselves laying claim to the word ‘gourmet’ any time our camp kitchen experiments take on more than 3 ingredients.

But one thing we do know is that we can seek out the source of a good smelling dish from a mile-off and when Lucy told us she’d been more productive during her lockdown than an office octopus, we had to refrain from eating every delicious, healthy raw ingredient before it was combined.

We caught up for a chat and even included her secret recipe so you can cook up a storm while in this Covid shituation (nope, that wasn’t a misspell).

Hey Lucy, great to catch up for virtual hangs. How have you been going with the crazy times of late?

I’ve been good! It’s been strange to really slow down and halt some selects go life but also jump into the fast lane with some projects I’ve been wanting to do for a while and getting a good groove on some high training. Ebb and flow though-some days are easier than others.

Where were you before all this went down and where have you been hiding out?

I was lucky to have some early year missions to New Zealand for the Tarawera 100km and a trip to the Himalayas for a camp and exploring so I certainly got to exhaust my body and excite my mind before life hit the brakes.


Lucy Bartholomew On The TrailPursuing greener pastures before the downtime. Pic: @andrew_fawcett

We’re seeing plenty of stories coming out of how folks have been picking up new habits while staying at home. What have you found yourself up to?

Something I’ve been really wanting to do was write a cook book. It’s been a fun project and definitely kept me busy, and full!
Can’t say I have learnt a tik tok dance routine, but I am learning what goes into a book- and I have a lot of admiration for them all now!

As one of the world’s most decorated women’s ultra-marathon runners, diet and intake would be at the top of the list outside of the training programs you’re on. How do you manage this?

I chose to follow a plant-based diet which makes me feel, perform and recover at my best. I really just try to be intuitive and smart about what I eat, when I eat and why I eat foods. I always try to include a rainbow of colours, I have no problem on portion sizes and drinking plenty of water along the way too.


Blue Mountains Trail Running With Lucy BartholomewIsolation?... or happy place? Pic: @andrew_fawcett

Our mouths are watering at the thought of the wondrous creations we’re sure you’ve been working on. What’s are your favourites?

If I was to be stuck on an island with one food it would be oats. I use them a lot in waffles, pancakes, cookies, smoothie bowls, bliss balls... I think they make up the most of my mass. I can’t go past a stack of pancakes or waffles where you can go wild on the toppings and it feels so abundant and delicious.

Any trips to the kitchen for us generally involve a bowl of weetbix or a pack of Mi Goreng and we recently learned what the difference between a spork and a spade is. Do you have any tips for the first-time chef?

Just like anything new; start small, gain confidence. Take it step by step. Enjoy the process and don’t focus too much on the outcome.
My dad is a great example who used to burn water but now has turned into quite the cook when I’m away (when I come back, suddenly he loses the talent).

Ok, we’re all set to don the apron and give this a whirl. How else can we learn about these delicious and healthy recipes you’re creating?

I’m hoping to release this cook by the middle of 2020 (we’re nearly there) so that will be the easiest and best presented way to follow along with the recipes. Otherwise my Instagram feed and stories is usually either running or eating!


Well Lucy, we’re so damn pleased to get the time to hang out and get an insight into what you’ve been up to. We really hope to see you in person soon, whether it be on the trail or in the kitchen. Thanks for keeping us company! 


Mothers Day Pancakes

Mother’s Day Pancakes
3 cups oat flour** (makes 8 small pancakes - don’t forget your dad, siblings and yourself too)
1cup almond milk
2tsp baking powder
1 tsp cinnamon
Bunch of fresh Strawberries, sliced
+ your toppings! Here with: yoghurt, more strawberries, walnuts, coconut, tahini!
**If you need to make oat flour. It’s easy. Blitz 3cups or raw rolled oats in a blender on high for 1min until a fine consistency!
Step 1. In a bowl mix together all ingredients until well combined. If it’s a little thick add some extra almond milk or water splash by splash

Step 2. Heat a non-stick pan over medium heat. Place spoonful of the mixture into the pan in your ideal size

Step 3. Place a few slices of the fresh strawberries into the mixture

Step 4. Let cool for 2-3 min and then flip

Step 5. Let cook for another 2-3min

Step 6. Place on a plate and repeat with the remaining mixture

Step 7. Stack your pancakes and go wild on your favourite toppings!

Step 8. Become the favourite child.

Become The Favourite ChildBon Appétit! - Lucy

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