Watch: Here, Hold My Kid

Watch: Here, Hold My Kid


LÉ BENT was proud to be a supporting partner of pro team rider Elyse Saugstad's recent project — Here, Hold My Kid!

Elyse teamed up with pro skier and fellow super mum Jackie Paaso to make what they describe as, "an homage to all the parents who have dragged their kids to the mountains."



“Any parent knows that traveling with a one-year-old can be a nightmare." Said Jackie.

"Seeing that Elyse and I like a challenge we thought, why not make it two one-year-olds traveling around the world while starring in and producing our own film? Challenge accepted, and while there may not have been any blood, there was a lot of sweat and tears!”

 “Jackie and I didn’t want to hide from being new moms as professional athletes, but rather throw a spotlight on trying to blend the two life endeavors. What ensued was lots of laughter, some great skiing, and the undervalued talent of still getting our kids to bed on time." Said Elyse.



After sharing the hilarious trailer a few months back. You can now check out the entire 38 minute, offbeat documentary for free on Redbull TV.


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