From Isolation to Inundation… Half a metre of May Snow at Mt Buller

From Isolation to Inundation… Half a metre of May Snow at Mt Buller


In late March, ambassador Teddy Laycock was in the unenviable position of having to self-quarantine at Mt Buller for two weeks after returning from Japan. Teddy tells us, the decision to leave the cool temps and endless spring skiing opportunities of Hokkaido at that time of year was not made lightly. 

Teddy also told us that both his and Crystal’s families weren’t too keen to host their quarantine, being potential corona carriers, so Buller was, no pun intended, a last resort.

Yet, a little over three weeks after the pair were permitted to go outside for exercise, Mt Buller became the place to be.


Buller village looking wintry at 9am on April 30th. Photo: Teddy Laycock

According to our friends at Mountainwatch, Mt Buller received 116mm of rain on Thursday, so arguably it wasn’t the place to be on this particular day. But come Friday morning, that rain had turned to snow and by Saturday morning there was 35 – 60cms across Australian resorts with up to 75cms at higher elevations.

The snow quality, according to Teddy was more like mid-winter than early May and his photos sure do paint a wintry picture.

Teddy never confirmed whether they went skiing, so we'll leave it up to your imagination... What would you do? 

Check out all the shots from Teddy below.


Slowly filling in. Photo: Teddy Laycock


Fingers and poles crossed we see these guys spinning this winter. Photo: Teddy Laycock


Feeling a lot light a cold winter morning. April 30th. Photo: Teddy Laycock 


Transformed. Photo: Teddy Laycock  


Seasonally confused at 9:30am on April 30th. Photo: Teddy Laycock



Biggest 1st of May snowfall in years... because 2020, that's why. Mother nature’s just rubbing it in at this point. Photo: Teddy Laycock


Crystal walking through Alpine Ash on the 1st of May. Photo: Teddy Laycock


The locals were loving it! A Crimson Rosella making most of the powder day on the 1st of May. Photo: Teddy Laycock


Snow buried chairs ready to be loaded. Photo: Teddy Laycock 


All aboard the rime quad. Photo: Teddy Laycock


We're told wind chill was down in the minus 20's.... Brrrrrrr. Photo: Teddy Laycock


It was tools down on Sunday the 3rd of May. Photo: Teddy Laycock


Mind-ski this one to your hearts content... Photo: Teddy Laycock 


Teddy's car thinks it's in Japan. Photo: Teddy Laycock


Yep, we're ready for winter... and so is Mt Buller. Photo: Teddy Laycock


A warm summit sunrise on May 4th. Photo: Teddy Laycock

 Were the last six days all a dream? 



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